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The World’s GREATEST Collection of Yummy Keto Recipe Cookbooks

Discover a new world of go-to recipes and keep your diet fun with a huge variety of keto recipes – burn fat the easy way!

Claudia here again…

One thing I hear a lot is that there “just isn’t enough variety” on the keto diet.

Coming in from a diet where you could eat anything to a high fat, low-carb diet can be intimidating – and take all your old favorites off the menu.

Now, the last thing I want for you is to fall off this life-changing diet.
I want you to get the results you deserve…

…And that means giving you new go-to dishes and plenty of variety to keep your taste buds dancing with joy!

That’s exactly what this – a bonanza package that features my favorite keto recipes to fit every meal, every occasion, and every need. 

With these books, you’ll be able to keep incinerating your unwanted fat…

…Without ever feeling like you’re missing out or suffering because you’re eating the same old food, day in, day out! 
Here’s EXACTLY What You Will Get:
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77 Keto Breakfast Recipes

With 77 Keto Breakfast Recipes, you’ll rise and shine to the realization that breakfast really is the best meal of the day with uncomplicated, easy-to-make fat-shredding keto recipes that fill you up with energy for the day ahead.

You’ll love the recipes in this cookbook because they keep you going until lunchtime without feeling a gnawing hunger in your stomach before your first coffee break…

...and because you’ll find it easier than ever to follow the keto diet and eliminate stubborn body fat at the same time!
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77 Keto Lunch Recipes

Discover a whole world of easy-prep keto lunch that you can enjoy at home or take to the office with 77 Keto Lunch Recipes.

The varied and delicious recipes mean you’ll never get bored – and you won’t end up buying a carb-heavy sandwich or meal, pulling you out of ketosis.

Make no bones about this, ladies: if you’re a busy worker, then this cookbook is quite literally a godsend that keeps your body working like a lean, mean, fat-shredding machine!
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Value $17

77 Keto Dinner Recipes

Get primal at dinnertime with 77 Keto Dinner Recipes that have been tried, tested, and proven to be a hit with taste buds…

…While keeping your body’s ketogenic processes going so that you continue to burn through flabby body fat.

What’s more, these quick and easy meals make use of common ingredients and just a few steps to create feasts the whole family will love without forcing you to spend hours in the kitchen!
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77 Keto Low Budget Recipes

Eating keto doesn’t have to be expensive – and 77 Keto Low Budget Recipes proves that you can enjoy drastic weight loss…

...without breaking the bank while enjoying easy-to-make meals made from whole foods that leave you feeling full and satisfied.

These meals are dripping with fat… yet low in carbs, helping you to incinerate unwanted body fat the delicious way.

With a huge variety of recipes, you’re sure to find some new family favorites that the kids will love chowing down on as much as you do!
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77 Keto Dessert Recipes

Have no fear, ladies – you can indulge your sweet tooth on keto (and then some) with 77 Keto Dessert Recipes. This is my favorite cookbook of the lot – and once you try these sweet treats, it’ll be yours, too!

Forget sugar bombs… and say hello to ooey, gooey, oh so creamy treats that blast sagging bellies into outer space!

Although incredibly low in carbs, these delicious, fat-enriched desserts will satisfy all your sweet cravings – and even let you take second helpings, guilt-free!
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Value $17

77 Keto Dairy-Free Recipes

Can’t eat dairy? No problem! There’s no need to miss out with 77 Keto Dairy-Free Recipes, the cookbook that will introduce you to a world of dairy-free deliciousness without missing out on the

These full-fat meals are super-creamy with smart, budget-friendly substitutions that you can enjoy at any time of day.

Whether you are lactose intolerant or looking for something that’s brimming with almost buttery decadence, these dairy-free recipes hit the spot while burning fat effortlessly!
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Value $17

77 Keto Vegetarian Recipes

Not every day on keto has to be a meat feast – and for those days when you just can’t stomach chomping down on a juicy burger, 77 Keto Vegetarian Recipes has you covered.

Discover a whole new world of fat-packed meals made from eggs, nuts, leafy greens, and more while staying firmly in the ketogenic zone.

These mouth-watering meals are perfect for adding even more variety to your diet so that you never get bored while making you feel even healthier for eating your greens!
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Value $17

77 Keto Air Fryer Recipes

Got an air fryer? Then learn how you can cut the grease and keep all that delicious flavor locked in with 77 Keto Air Fryer Recipes.

If you love deep-fried goodies, then you’re going to love how quick and easy whipping up old favorites becomes!

Inside, you’ll discover a wealth of fat-burning recipes that switch out carb-heavy breading for a powerful protein punch of nuts and seeds, along with mess-free ways to cook even the greasiest of foods.
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Value $17

77 Keto Mediterranean Recipes

If you love pizza and pasta and can’t imagine how you’re going to get through keto when these carb-heavy treats are banned, then celebrate – because with 77 Keto Mediterranean Recipes, you can still enjoy them!

This cookbook tweaks Mediterranean classics to the keto diet with smart substitutes that taste just as good as the real thing – all while giving you the famous health benefits of this diet.

With simple instructions and inexpensive ingredients, these recipes are perfect for a filling, yet lightweight lunch and dinner that lets you shred through your body fat the easy way!
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Value $17

77 Keto Snack and Fat Bomb Recipes

Wave goodbye to diets that leave you starving between mealtimes – and hello to insanely delicious pick-me-up snacks in between meals with 77 Keto Snack and Fat Bomb Recipes.

These snacks are 85% fat – and keep your body in hardcore ketosis weight loss mode as you treat yourself to bite-size bombs of yum that you can make in just minutes. 

People rave about this cookbook – because the flavors are out of this world while keeping you full and satisfied as the pounds just drop off! 
Sold Separately, These eBooks Would Cost You $170
But the good news is that if you order these today, you’ll pay a fraction of this price…

…And, because these are digital cookbooks, you’ll get your copies INSTANTLY!

I know that the keto diet can transform your life by helping you to reach your weight loss goals without sacrificing the pleasure of a simple meal.

But I also know that variety is the spice of life – and that eating the same old meals is a sure-fire way to KILL YOUR DIET.

That’s why I’m slashing the price down to $59 – because I want to make sure that you slash your waistline, too!
That’s a huge saving of $111…
…But You MUST Act Now.
You can only access this offer right here, right now.

Once you click away from this page, this offer is gone for good, and you’ll have to pay the regular price of $170 to access all these books.

You don’t have to think about this too hard, because I’ll make this an easy decision.

Try out these recipes for 60 days, and if you’re not happy with them, then you can take advantage of my cast-iron, no questions asked, 60-day money-back guarantee!

I’ve made this choice as easy as possible for you…

…So, all you have to do is make the right decision for your future health!

Order now, and you can claim over 700 keto recipes and gain instant access to start cooking delicious, keto-friendly meals that help you shred fat effortlessly and get the lean, toned figure you deserve!
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